Color matching

Formulations of different shades can be made in two different ways. They can be matched only with advanced color matching  software(mathematical formulations) or they can be further optimized and physically checked in wet paint.

In our tinting systems we are operating with bases and colorants. Bases have prefilled amount of the product in the can. Colorants amount can vary from shade to shade and from product to product. The upper limit is determinated by quality of the final product, and the lower amount determinate hiding power and dispenser precision

For color checking in the laboratory we are mostly using dispensers. For faster and more accurate color matching we are using spectrophotometers, light chambers and good matching software. Applications of the products depends on their end use (spraying, drawdowns…) We are using black-white Leneta paper, but we can also adopt the customer system if needed.

Dry sample is evaluated in the light chamber, using D65 light. Coloristical properties of the shade are always measured in the CIELab system, but the final confirmation of the recipe is always made by the experienced colorist’s eye.

The most common reasons for wrong shade:

  • Hiding power/thickness of the final product
  • Different type of the light source – metamerism problem
  • Different drying conditions
  • Differences in gloss between the target shade and our product
  • The structure of the substrate
  • Differences in the color card editions
  • Subjective influence