Helios TINTING is the department in the Helios Group taking care of pigment pastes and tinting technology for Helios coatings. Our colleagues who are well-trained in the colouristics and service area, offer support to customers on different markets. Collaboration with other departments and continuous contact with customers in the field give us feedback that we can use to quickly adapt to the dynamic market needs.

Colouristics products or pigment pastes are the result of our own development and know how. Different types of water-based and solvent-based pastes are used for decorative coatings or industrial coatings. Each pigment paste system is equipped with a list of formulations for different colour charts and shades, based on our customers’ wishes.

Our tinting laboratory is equipped with different instruments, spectrophotometers, light chambers and the relative software in accordance with the latest colour matrix standards. Should you need advice about the mixing equipment (dispensers, shakers and gyroscopic mixers), there is our team of skilled service personnel which was trained by renowned equipment producers. With our own tinting program we follow the trends and cover all areas required for a comprehensive tinting approach. Please send order requests for shades or any questions you might have for our experts in the TINTING department to our address.