UNIHEL PRO colorants are especially designed for tinting of high-performance solvent borne industrial coatings.

Universal binder and high-performance pigments are the basic of UNIHEL PRO colorants which ensure high quality coatings and color stability.

The content of aromatic solvents in UNIHEL PRO colorants is low therefore are more environmentally friendly.

Universal binder in UNIHEL PRO colorants enables high compatibility with the binders used for anticorrosive and industrial coatings, such as: polyurethane coatings, 2K epoxy coatings, alkyds, vinyl acryls, etc.

UNIHEL PRO colorants are rheological and volumetrically suitable to be used in dispensers and ensure accuracy and repeatability of color shades.

Tinting system UNIHEL PRO consists also of 3 effect pigments to expand the portfolio to the effect shades.

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