Instructions for maintenance of mixing places


  • A dispenser can be operated by a person who has received training from Helios representatives
  • The computer connected to the mixer is intended exclusively for controlling the mixer.
  • Layout near the window sun exposure due to sun exposure and accelerated drying is not recommended
  • Location in a clean place, without dust and other impurities
  • The minimum temperature for the smooth operation of the dispenser must be at least 15 ° C.


  • Nozzle cleaning – the nozzle cleaning program is performed at least once a week and the dosage of all 16 oz. 24 colorants
  • Maintenance of the sponge – moisturize or clean it every day
  • Replace the sponge as needed or at least once a month


  • Shake the colorants before filling into the dispenser in a shaker for 1-3 minutes!
  • When filling colorants in the dispenser it is necessary to ensure that it is always poured over the plastic part
  • The shelf life of HG MIX colorants is 2 years in the original packaging – pay attention to the stock
  • Don’t fill not frequently used colorants to the maximum
  • Fill into the canister the amount that will be consumed within 6 months
  • Storage condition of colorants: dry place, T= 5-35°C

Only by following the instructions you can avoid many complaints
or problems with the mixing system!