Modern tinting system HG MIX presents imagination without color borders. It complements a list of ready-made shades. The whole palette consists of thousands of color shades and can be accessible for majority of Helios brand top coats in all point-of-sales with adequate equipment together with computer technology.

HG MIX tinting system allows the preparation of chosen color shade based on numerous fan decks, such as INTERIOR COLUR COLLECTION, EXTERIOR COLOUR COLLECTION, Terra,  Monicolor 720, NCS, RAL and others.

To get the desired color shade is simple. Just compare the sample of textile, wallpaper, flooring, ceramic, etc. with our color templates in the HG MIX point-of-sale. When the desired color shade is chosen, the paint will be prepared in corresponding quality and quantity.

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Helios offers integrated approach with main components being MIX bases, colorants, fan decks as well as TINTING program with color shades formulations, volumetric dispensers and shakers.
Helios bases and colorants (water borne as well as solvent borne) are a product of constant investment in research and development, with clear aim to fulfil even the most demanding customer needs in decorative segment.
Besides Helios semi-products we are carrying out the practical educations together with full service which includes setting up the mixing machine (dispenser and shaker) with calibration, yearly update of formulations and development of custom-made recipes.


Colorants are stable, liquid pigment concentrates. Selection of colorants is carefully chosen in a way to cover the whole color space. Nowadays 95% of demands for specific color shades is covered with modern tinting systems.
Colorant system consists of 16 waterborne HG MIX ACRYLIC colorants and 8 solventborne HG MIX SOLVENT colorants. With the combination mentioned the waterborne as well as solventborne coatings are covered. For tinting of exterior products (fassade paints and malters) only colorants with inorganic pigments are used, because of its weather and light resistance.

!Transport and storage: Temperature must be between 5°C and 30°C.

!Shelf life: 2 years.


Decorative coating bases are being divided according to the substrate that needs the protection or/and coloration. The most well-known decorative coating brands in Helios group are:

  • TESSAROL – top coats for wood, metal and plastic
  • BELINKA, HELIOS BORI – wood stains
  • HELIOS SPEKTRA, COLOR – coatings for interior wall surface, facade paints, plasters

Base consists of all major components (binder, fillers, solvents, additives), which determine the properties of material (such as weather fastness, substrate adhesion). Reputability and accuracy of formulations are achieved by controlling the coloristic properties of bases.
In our base system dominate B1 (white base), B2 (semi white base) and B3 (transparent base); in some cases, also B4 (red base) and B5 (yellow base).

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