Lacquers (clear coatings) and enamels (pigmented coatings) are an ideal solution to achieve utmost aesthetics and quality protection of wooden furniture and interior joinery.

Our coatings for wood meet customer demands to be highly reliable and safe.

A challenge to all modern tinting systems is to have a wide color palette as fast as possible.

Therefore, within the Helios group the UNIHEL WOOD MIX was developed to enable desired flexibility and independency to mix and match color shades.

Appropriate TINTING package is being assembled according to the customer wishes and the legislation valid for a specific market.

Selection of colorants and the appropriate bases is made according to their characteristics and mixing volumes and the suitable automatic dispenser with software and formulations is recommended.

Besides TINTING package, we are carrying out the practical educations together with full service which includes setting up the mixing machine (dispenser and shaker) with calibration, yearly update of formulations and development of custom-made recipes.

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Universal binder and high-performance pigments are the basic of UNIHEL colorants which ensure high quality coatings and color stability.

The content of aromatic solvents in Unihel colorants is low therefore are more environmentally friendly.

Universal binder in UNIHEL colorants enables high compatibility with the binders used for HELIODUR brand.

UNIHEL colorants are rheological and volumetrically suitable to be used in dispensers and ensure accuracy and repeatability of color shades.


Bases consist of all major components (binder, fillers, solvents, additives), which determine the chemical and mechanical properties of material.

To achieve desired color shade, the exact amount of colorant is being added to the base.

UNIHEL WOOD MIX covers the coatings suitable to process MDF, veneer and massive wood. It contains two groups of HELIODUR enamels: transparent and white bases.

  • 2K coatings based on alkyd – polyisocianate binder in organic solvents
  • 2K coatings based on acrylic, polyisocianate and CAB binder in organic solvents