UNIHEL AQ MIX belongs to a new generation of colorants for industrial coatings.

System consists out of 16 waterborne colorants, which were chosen in a way to fully cover the color space.

Besides the pigment, water and additives colorants contains the binder as well. The binder in the colorants is compatible with different chemistry of binders which are used in coatings (alkyd, styrene acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane…)

Wide palette of pigments enables to formulate a variety of shades with excellent hiding power and optimal light and weather fastness.

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Bases define the properties of the coating needed. To fulfil the market needs we developed different waterborne industrial bases with diverse chemistries:

  • acrylic dispersion based polyurethane coatings
  • styrene acrylic dispersion-based coatings with different combinations of high-quality polymers
  • Epoxy dispersion-based coatings

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