We also provide solutions for smaller industrial customers to help them to stay competitive on the market with reasonable financial input.

With this idea in mind the system HELIODURMIX was created. It is a system of mixing enamels which covers a great amount of fan decks. Financial input in scale is significantly lower to the price of dispenser therefore even smaller customers can have all the benefits of tinting system.

Besides basic color shades of HELIODURMIX system which are available in 1 or 20 kg packaging units, we provide also appropriate equipment: mixing machine with optional number of mixing places, shaker, electronic scale and a weighting program with formulations.

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Enamels HELIODUR– MIX UM (403981 – 403993)

HELIODUR MIX system consists of 13 basic enamels, which can be used alone or mixed in optional ratio to achieve the desired color shade.

2K pigmented coatings are based on alkyd and polyisocianate binder in organic solvents where all environmental and safety regulations are being considered. The amount of aromatic solvents is being reduced. Lead chromate pigments were being substituted for greener technology pigments.

Enamels are suitable for horizontal and vertical application to the MDF, veneer and massive wood.

A system of appropriate hardener, matting agent or clear coat was also prepared to achieve the desired gloss:

  • for semi-matt and semi-gloss surfaces – appropriate hardener
  • for matt surfaces – matting agent usage
  • for glossy surfaces – usage of a highly glossy clear coat